Safety Issues with Fortaleza Girls


Fortaleza girls can be tempting to get in contact with for male single tourists going to Fortaleza Brazil. As people say, boys will always tend to be boys. So, sexual attraction may sometimes be inevitable between male tourists and Fortaleza garota or Fortaleza girls. A woman in Fortaleza, Brazil can really be breathtaking.

But beware because the story may have a bad, hidden side to it. Fortaleza is a port city located in northeastern Brazil. The city is well known for its exquisite natural beauty especially its beach resorts, which have been serving as really noteworthy tourist destination. As a Latin American and at the same time, third world country, jobs in Fortaleza are really hard to find for uneducated poor people, which comprise up most of the city’s population.

Poverty can be the reason why there is a number of "acompanhantes fortaleza" or "acompanhantes de Fortaleza" in the city. Some of the poor of Fortaleza, especially some impoverished women, but also children, are really resorting to dirty jobs just to make ends meet. Tourist would surely be able to get along an acompanhante Fortaleza, but think of the consequenses.

Just to be clear; an acompanhante Fortaleza is an escort service agency that tries to give entertainment and companionships to customers, particularly male tourists. Thus, acompanhantes de Fortaleza or acompanhantes Fortaleza are like prostitution houses that trade women in exchange of service charges or payments.

Usually these unfortunate Fortaleza garota or Fortaleza girls are somehow forced to trade sexual services because it is really difficult to find and maintain jobs in Fortaleza. The poor of Fortaleza would really die in hunger if they would not move to earn their living no matter what.

In desperation, some poor women in Fortaleza, Brazil will work whatever job is available just to earn for the family. One place they can end up is in a " boate puteiro Fortaleza " which is basically a nightclub filled with prostitutes. A similar example of a boate puteiro is Help in Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, the number of Fortaleza girls who end up in the flesh trade is increasing. The gouverment bears some of this responsibility for not taking further steps in preventing these kind of transactions, but the main responsibility lies in those making the demand for the industry, the buyers.

In addition to contributing to illegal black markets and criminal syndicates, trading in the sex industry puts a tourist in endangerment of sexually transmitted diseases, robbery, assault, and enprisonment in the confortable brazilian prisons (Which are nothing like the US or European standards.
The most of the lovely women of Fortaleza are decent, respectful beautiful people, either being poor or rich. However, Fortaleza girls who are into prostitution have poor education about the danger of acquiring many communicable sexually transmitted diseases. Studies have found that such awareness is still not very much observed by Fortaleza girls.

Another danger associated with the Fortaleza sexindusrty is the "Buttman tour Fortaleza Rapidshare"; one of the popular sex trade agencies that get into prostitution deals with male tourists in the city. Avoid getting involved with prostitute Fortaleza girls in the sex trade.

You can easily spot them at nightspots and some have agents that would scout for potential customers. Do not get involved with such transactions and help save the reputation and safety of most Fortaleza girls from such an industry.



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